What Would Happen If The World Lost Oxygen For Five Seconds?

In my first article over at 1000 of Every Good Thing, “Meditations on Ma’at and the Cosmos” I connect the concept of ma’at with how everything is interconnected, making blatant violations of reality infeasible, and harmful to the ordered cosmos.

I recently came across this video, which illustrates my thinking very well, by asking “what would happen if the world lost oxygen for five seconds?” One thing that surprised me, that’s a good example of the interconnectedness of physical reality, is that if oxygen disappeared, concrete would crumble because concrete contains oxygen.

So yeah, without cosmic ma’at, stuff like *this* would happen.

(EDIT: Later the video asks what would happen if the amount of oxygen were doubled, with one of the consequences being giant insects. I’m kind of disappointed we don’t have giant insects, they’re really cool. But then, I’m a weird bug person who’d want a parakeet-sized bumblebee as a pet or something.)

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2 thoughts on “What Would Happen If The World Lost Oxygen For Five Seconds?

  1. Awesome. It shows how the universe is so delicate and strangely perfect to allow for life. I imagine taking away something like rubidium would be a catastrophe too somehowin our intricate world. I post about physics too.

    • It is. Some would explain it as simply being in one of many possible universes that happens to be hospitable to our kind of life. This may be true as far as it goes, but it’s still amazing to consider how everything has to fit together. Incidentally, this would not be out of place in Egyptian thought, where the gods are seen as basically good and caring, making the Nile flood every year, at the hottest part of the year, when other nations suffered under drought, bringing water and fertile silt. (Of course, since the construction of the Aswan High Dam, the Nile no longer floods)

      Your blog looks really interesting,by the way! :D

      Though I do have an interest in science (mostly biology, though some interest in physics lately), this isn’t normally a physics blog, nor even a science one, but a religious blog dealing with Kemetism and modern polytheistic religion in general. I’ve occasionally posted science stuff that relates to Kemetism (Ancient Egyptian revival religion—from the ancient name of Egypt, Kemet), such as the last two posts, as well an earlier post I did about dung beetles (which are the symbol of the god Khepri, as well as the symbol of the word kheper, meaning becoming/manifestation/transformation, which is an important concept (couple of concepts, actually) important in Egyptian thought) navigating by the Milky Way:


      In “Meditations on Ma’at and the Cosmos”, I wrote about reality being ordered (not necessarily rigidly ordered, but enough) and how that order is necessary for our existence (as the video shows) as well as from a Kemetic perspective, the gods. (Which are repeatedly stated to live on “ma’at”, which is Egyptian for “good/truth/justice/cosmic order,” the same thing that keeps us alive. )

      Thanks for commenting! :)

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